5 must have wrist showstoppers under 5k.

5 must have wrist showstoppers under 5k.

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5 must have wrist showstoppers under 5k.

When thinking about accessories, one go to would be the “wrist-cessory”.

Wrist accessories are dated back to the 15th century thus having a long history attached. It is derived from the Greek word “Brachile” meaning "of the arm" and has been modified over time to represent the word we know today as “bracelet”.

Being a trendy and popular fashion accessory for both genders, the bracelet is one such addition which could make or break your look. Sometimes seen as a requirement to make a fashion look pop, it surely is a head turner, making the wrists as the show stoppers.

Zohra offers a wide range of dazzling to dainty designs of wrist-cessories. From the basics like charm and gemstone bracelets to the more stand out statement makers, there is one piece for every occasion.

  1. Elisa bracelet (Set of 2) | https://zohrajewelry.com/products/elisa-bracelet-set-of-2


 2. Chiara bracelets (Set of 3) | https://zohrajewelry.com/products/chiara-bracelet-blue-pink-and-purple-set-of-3


3. Valentina bracelet | https://zohrajewelry.com/products/valentina-bracelet


 4. De la mer Seahorse cuff | https://zohrajewelry.com/products/de-la-mer-seahorse-cuff

  5.Les Tuileries cuff | https://zohrajewelry.com/products/les-tuileries-cuff


Written by - Bhumika Khothari